Infrastructure Connections

In the Heart of Europe

The three port areas of DeltaPort feature outstanding infrastructural links to domestic and European metropolitan areas. There are 16 million consumers within a radius of 100 kilometers. Our immense area potential gives you the elbow room to develop your company’s success. In this context, the available trimodal set-up is a great basis for the ideal design of your supply chain.

The existing connections to the Federal Motorways (Autobahn) in connection with its excellent location on the outskirts of the Ruhr Area ensure that your destinations can be reached swiftly with little or no road congestion. Also worth mentioning is the new Wesel Rhine Bridge, which makes for a convenient road crossing over the Rhine and with a bridge height of 9.10 m, container traffic on the river can pass underneath with a stacking height of 4 containers. An international freight forwarder for general cargo and various parcel service providers are also in close proximity to the port area.

DeltaPort | Infrastrukturanbindung - Häfen

DeltaPort is located directly on the Rhine River at kilometer 813, near the entrance to the Wesel-Datteln Canal, the gateway to the German inland canal grid, and ideally situated in close proximity to the ARA ports (Antwerp, Rotterdam, Amsterdam). Rotterdam, for instance, can be reached by barge in only 12 hours (downstream). The reverse trip upstream takes about 16 hours.

DeltaPort | Infrastrukturanbindung - Bahnanbindungen

The City Port of Wesel and the Port of Emmelsum have their own railway access to the mainline Emmerich-Oberhausen. The Rhine-Lippe Port shares the railway infrastructure with the Port of Emmelsum, which is only in a 2.5 km reach.

DeltaPort | Infrastrukturanbindung - Autobahnanschlüsse

Connections to the Federal Motorway (Autobahn) A3 (Emmerich-Oberhausen), A57 (Nijmegen-Cologne) and A31 (Bottrop-Emden) are in the immediate vicinity. The Ruhr Area, the Emsland and the Münsterland can therefore be reached quickly.

DeltaPort | Infrastrukturanbindung - Flughäfen

The international airports Düsseldorf and Cologne are only a stone’s throw away. Located in the immediate vicinity there are the regional airports Weeze and Dinslaken “Schwarze Heide” with international connections.