Important information

Note and Request to the Boat Master:

Particularly when the water level is low, the machine and bow thruster should be used with particular caution nearby the quay wall in the Port of Emmelsum, the City Port of Wesel and the Rhine-Lippe Port Wesel. If the propeller blows too strongly or for a long time there could be shoals next time of mooring. If you discover shoals, please inform our port and rail supervisors via e-mail: or phone: +49 281/460 96 – 12.

Thank You!

Important message:

City Port of Wesel:

  • 25.05.2021: Closure of the quay facility at water level Wesel > 8.80 m
  • 11.09.2020: In the City Port of Wesel at Birkhoff’s landing place there is a shoal of approx. 0,5 m

Rhine-Lippe Port Wesel:

  • 11.09.2020: The mooring in the Rhine-Lippe Port is only permitted at the designated landing places. In the area of the mooring posts are shoals of approx. 1 m. Using the mooring posts for waiting times is only possible at your own risk and after consultation with the port and rail supervisors.

Harbor master’s office

Hafenstraße 30,
46483 Wesel

Business hours port office

Monday – Friday 07:00 – 15:30


Phone: +49 281/460 96 – 12
Fax: +49 281/460 96 – 14

Ship Registration form

Ships may register by phone or via registration form (available at the terminal operators) or online: Registration form.