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Welcome to DeltaPort (Wesel/Voerde), the consolidated port association on the Lower Rhine.

We welcome you on our website of the Port Association DeltaPort in the City of Wesel on the Lower Rhine.
Here you will find all the important information about our business activities, helpful contact details, and available surface areas, plus cargo handling possibilities in all of our three ports: The Port of Emmelsum, Rhine-Lippe Port, and the City Port of Wesel.

We are pleased to provide our potential business partners, existing customers, and the public at large with an insight into our company DeltaPort.

Enjoy our web portal!
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Local Businesses

Infrastructure Connections

The three port areas of DeltaPort feature outstanding infrastructural links to domestic and European metropolitan areas.



In the ports of DeltaPort an annual amount of about 4.0 million metric tons of cargo is handled.

DeltaPort | Hafen

Port of Emmelsum

  • Rhine kilometer: 813,24 (r.)
  • Three quay walls: 720 m
  • Draft: Gauge Wesel + 1.25 m
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Rhine-Lippe Port Wesel

  • Rhine kilometer: 813,24 (r.)
  • Quay length: 300 m
  • Draft: Gauge Wesel + 1.25 m

City Port of Wesel

  • Rhine kilometer: 814,50 – 815,10 (r.)
  • Quay length: 800 m
  • Draft: Gauge Wesel + 1.25 m