Ports & Rail

In the ports of DeltaPort an annual amount of about 4.0 million metric tons of cargo is handled. The annual tonnage contains a container portion of about 111,000 TEU, which is handled via the Port of Emmelsum.

Port of Emmelsum

  • Rhine kilometer: 813,24 (r.)
  • Port basin: 310 m long, 120 m wide
  • Three quay walls with a combined length of 720 m
  • Draft: Gauge Wesel + 1.25 m
  • Rail access
  • Cargo handling equipment: three container gantry cranes (up to 50 metric tons), pneumatic vessel discharger

Rhine-Lippe Port Wesel

  • Rhine kilometer: 813,24 (r.)
  • Quay length: 300 m
  • Draft: Gauge Wesel + 1.25 m
  • Rail access in a 2.5 km reach
  • Cargo handling terminals and equipment: Handling terminal for mineral oil, speciality cranes for heavy loads (up to 160 metric tons),
 five berths for tanker barges carrying dangerous goods (one berth for one tanker barge with a blue cone)

City Port of Wesel

  • Rhine kilometer: 814,50 – 815,10 (r.)
  • Quay length: 800 m
  • Draft: Gauge Wesel + 1.25 m
  • Rail access
  • Cargo handling terminals and equipment: mobile excavator (up to 5 metric tons), pneumatic vessel discharger, conveyor belts, sand and gravel loading facility (300 metric tons/h), fully enclosed salt loading facility (400 metric tons/h), mineral oil terminal, Pontoon Riser Berth

Harbor master’s office

Hafenstraße 30,
46483 Wesel

Business hours port office

Monday – Friday 07:00 – 15:30


Email: hafenmeister@deltaport.de
Phone: +49 281/460 96 – 12
Fax: +49 281/460 96 – 14

Ship Registration form

Ships may register by phone or via registration form (available at the terminal operators) or online: Registration form.

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