EcoPort813 e.V.

Association for the Promotion of Hydrogen & Sustainable Energy

Goals and Tasks

  • Promotes investments and cooperations between member companies/- institutions in sustainable energy, in particular hydrogen and CO2-free energy sources
  • Creates the technical and economic requirements for moving away from fossil fuels in the DeltaPort Lower Rhine Ports as well as in the relevant regional/ national environment
  • Makes a significant contribution to the hydrogen initiative of the district of the city of Wesel and compatible networks on the Lower Rhine
  • Is a driving force and expert network through pooling of knowledge, exchange of information and experience as well as business collaborations along the H2 value chain
  • Is a supporter and driver of projects for promotion interdisciplinary collaboration and for the initiation, development and implementation of hydrogen-based projects and cooperations of the member companies

EcoPort813 – Förderverein Wasserstoff und nachhaltige Energie e.V.
Moltkestr. 8
46483 Wesel

Phone.: +49 (0)281 3002303-0