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Port & Rail Supervision – Important News

Note and Request to the Boat Master:

Particularly when the water lever is low, the machine and bow thruster should be used with particular caution nearby the quay wall in the Port of Voerde-Emmelsum, the City Port of Wesel and the Rhine-Lippe-Port Wesel. If the propeller blows too strongly or for a long time there could be shoals next time of mooring. If you discover shoals, please inform our port and rail supervisors via e-mail: hafenmeister@deltaport.de or phone: +49 281/460 96 – 12.

Thank you.

City Port of Wesel:

  • 25.05.2021: Closure of the quay facility at water level Wesel > 8.80 m
  • 11.09.2020: In the City Port of Wesel at Birkhoff’s landing place there is a shoal of approx. 0,5 m

Rhein-Lippe Port Wesel:

  • 11.09.2020: The mooring in the Rhein-Lippe Port is only permitted at the designated landing places. In the area of the mooring posts are shoals of approx. 1 m. Using the mooring posts for waiting times is only possible at your own risk and after consultation with the port and rail supervisors.


phone: +49 281/460 96 – 12

fax: +49 3877 56 34 977

Business hours Port Office (Hafenstraße 30 in 46483 Wesel): Mo. to Fr. 07.00 am to 3.30 pm

Ships may register by phone or via registration form (available at the terminal operators) or online: Registration form for vessels

Port & Rail Supervision DeltaPort: Michael Möller, Berthold Fengels und Jörg Printz (l.t.r.)

Michael Möller · Berthold Fengels · Jörg Printz

Port & Rail Supervision DeltaPort: Thomas Wenten, Rainer Anschlag (l.t.r.)

Thomas Wenten · Rainer Anschlag

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