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Port & Rail Supervision – Important News

Shipping in general:

  • July 2018: Boat masters are asked for extra caution. In many parts of the German waterway network sinking water levels have been recorded. Due to this low water level, the main propulsion and bow thrusters have to be used with extreme caution. Using the machines could damage the ground and quay facility. In the case of moored inland vessels, the prime movers have not to be used, or only shortly before or after the mooring maneuver. Due to the current weather conditions and the low water levels on the German waterways, we appeal to all participants to be careful.

City Port of Wesel:

  • 08.10.2018: In the City Port of Wesel at Birkhoff’s landing place there is a shoal of approx. 1 m.

Rhein-Lippe Port Wesel:

  • 08.10.2018: The mooring in the Rhein-Lippe Port is only permitted at the designated landing places. Using the mooring posts for waiting times is only possible at your own risk and after consultation with the Port and Rail Supervisors.

Port of Emmelsum:

  • In the Port of Emmelsum in the center of the head embankment there is a shoal of approx. 1 m.



phone: +49 281/460 96 – 12

fax: +49 3877 56 34 977

Business hours Port Office (Hafenstraße 30 in 46483 Wesel): Mo. to Fr. 07.00 am to 3.30 pm

Ships may register by phone or via registration form (available at the terminal operators) or online: Registration form for vessels

Port & Rail Supervision DeltaPort: Michael Möller, Berthold Fengels und Jörg Printz (l.t.r.)

Michael Möller · Berthold Fengels · Jörg Printz

Port & Rail Supervision DeltaPort: Thomas Wenten, Rainer Anschlag (l.t.r.)

Thomas Wenten · Rainer Anschlag

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