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Pontoon Riser Berth

DeltaPort SteigeranlageDeltaPort GmbH & Co. KG owns a pontoon riser berth for passenger vessels, located on the right bank of the Rhine at km 815.3. The address: Rheinpromenade in 46487 Wesel (near the Welcome Hotel and the River Lady berth).

General Information:

    • The riser berth is approved for passenger vessels with a length of up to 90 m and a width of 11.4 m.
    • When the water level is above 8 m, docking at the riser berth is not permitted.
    • Vessels with a displacement of more than 900 tons are not admitted.
    • In case the riser berth gets damaged, the responsible party must pay for the damages.
    • Docking of ships at the pontoon riser is possible from 6 am to 10 pm (no overnight stay).


    • Information regarding tariffs is provided upon request.
    • Tariffs are quoted net in accordance with the applicable VAT legislation. The current VAT in Germany is 19%.

Potable water supply

During the office hours of the Port Supervisor (Mo. to Fr. 7.00 am until 3.30 pm) potable water can be sourced at the riser berth for a fee.


A reservation must be made for the use of the riser berth at the Port Office.

Contact Port Office:

phone: +49 281/460 96-12
fax: +49 281/460 96-14
e-mail: hafenmeister@deltaport.de

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