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Rhein-Lippe Port Wesel

NORDFROST, with headquarters in Schortens near Wilhelmshaven, is Germany’s leading deep-freeze logistics company and is internationally active. The family-run company with 3,000 employees, maintains 40 deep-freeze storage locations in Germany with a constantly growing capacity, now has around 900,000 pallet spaces. These form the basis of a nationwide consolidated cargo network for the fine distribution of frozen goods. NORDFROST schedules 1,600 trucks daily. Within the framework of supply chain management, customers from the entire food sector (food industry, food retail, wholesale, import and export) are offered individual, holistic solutions for warehousing, transport, trade and port logistics. In NORDFROST’s port logistics, the focus is currently on Wilhelmshaven. The NORDFROST seaport terminal is located directly in Germany’s only container deepwater port and offers tailor-made logistics concepts for frozen and fresh goods as well as for dry goods such as unrefrigerated food or promotional products and even heavy cargo.

Such a service is also to be established at the Wesel port site. The first construction measures to upgrade the quay, with the laying of a crane track for the operation of a separate container gantry crane for transferring cargo to and from ships, are already underway. In addition, a deep-freeze warehouse, warehouses for goods in the plus degree temperature range and for general cargo as well as project loading halls will be built. With container transshipment and the operation of a full-service container depot, the logistics provider will start operating at the port site as early as spring 2021. The logistics centre is scheduled to go into operation at the beginning of 2023.

phone: +49 4461 / 8902 – 60 | info@nordfrost.de
www.nordfrost.de | Sector: logistics

TanQuid is a market leader and one of the few truly independent fuel depot operators, storing and refining high quality liquids and products in almost all storage classes and various temperature ranges. Protection of the environment (soil, air, and water) is a major part of their mission statement.  State of the art technology, trained employees and optimum safety systems ensure the highest quality standard in the process.

phone: +49 2858 / 910 – 0 | info@tanquid.com
www.tanquid.com | Sector: logistics, petrochemicals

STN (Lower Rhine Heavy Goods Terminal) is your qualified partner for handling heavy goods. STN provides storage and expands the range of your products. With a warehouse capacity of 15,000 square meters and an open storage capacity of another 30,000 square meters, STN provides you with ample space to meet your requirements. In addition, they feature crane capacities of up to 180 metric tons over water and within the warehouse area. The modern equipment, as well as the advancement and continued training of the staff, allow STN to carry out orders from customers in a reliable and competent manner.

phone: + 49 281 / 16 49 34 – 0 | info@schwerlast-terminal.de
www.schwerlast-terminal.de | Sector: heavy goods storage, transshipment, international haulage & Freight forwarding, heavy haulage

GS-Recycling GmbH & Co. KG (GSR) belongs to the KSR-Group located in Sonsbeck and is planning to commission an energy-efficient and self-sufficient plant composite at the Rhine-Lippe port in Wesel. The range of services to be provided at the site in the future will include the operation of a ship terminal for degassing and cleaning inland waterway vessels as well as a large-scale biological wastewater treatment plant, which has already been built, for receiving and treating problem wastewater from industry and commerce. Additionally, a secondary refining of waste oils by means of hydrogen hydrogenation for the production of sulfur-free, water-clear and odorless oils as well as an electrolyzer used to produce green hydrogen from the previously collected ship exhaust gases will be added to the range of services. By an innovative energy concept and state-of-the-art plant technology, a circular recycling economy is achieved, thus protecting the environment and resources. As part of the production of environmentally friendly products from waste materials, CO2 neutrality can be realized at the GSR site.

phone: +49 2838 / 91 50 – 50 | gschmidt@ks-recycling.de

www.ks-recycling.de | Sector: waste oil refinery, commercial and industrial waste water treatment

Port of Emmelsum

In addition to focusing on paper, pulp and any other compatible products, Sappi Logistics Wesel GmbH (SLW) offers customized logistics solutions through partnerships and efficient networks. At the Port of Emmelsum a trimodal terminal allows SLW to plan and provide the best possible customized logistics solutions involving any mode of transport.

phone: +49 281 / 94 41 00 | info@slw-logistics.com
www.slw-logistics.com | Sector: logistics

As an innovative, medium sized company TRIMET Aluminium SE develops, produces, recycles, casts and sells modern light alloy products made from aluminum at eight locations. 2,700 employees and Trimet’s customers ensure that cars become more economical, planes become lighter, wind turbines and power systems become more efficient, buildings are modernized and packaging becomes more environmentally friendly.  At the Voerde location TRIMET’s aluminum smelter and potroom churn out about 95,000 metric tons of electrolysis aluminum and 65,000 metric tons of anode blocks.  The direct connection to the port facility is particularly important for TRIMET, because it secures their supply of aluminum oxide and petroleum coke.

phone: +49 281 / 94 21 – 0 | voerde@trimet.de
www.trimet.de | Sector: metal industry

Contargo is one of the leading neutral service provider for trimodal transportation of overseas containers. With their own network of terminals, railway lines, and barge liner services Contargo connects the European hinterland with the northern and western ports.

phone: +49281 /460 98 70 | info@contargo.net
www.contargo.net | Sector: intermodal container logistics

phone: +49 281 / 164 80 – 0 | office@jerich.com
www.jerich.com | Sector: freight forwarding & terminal logistics

City Port of Wesel

phone: +49 2803 / 47 – 0 | info@imgrund.de
www.imgrund.de | Sector: bulk logistics

Hülskens sources aggregates (sand and gravel) from own quarries along the Lower Rhine and the eastern part of Germany, supplemented by their affiliates Niba and SDH, operating in Belgium and The Netherlands. The group of companies is also in the business of hydraulic engineering, they operate cargo handling facilities and manufacture ready-mix concrete (Elskes). In early 2015, Hülskens launched a loading system for salt and a converted loading system for aggregates at the City Port of Wesel. The central workshop for Hülskens is also located in the City Port of Wesel.

phone: +49 281 / 204 – 0 | info@huelskens.de
www.huelskens.de | Sector: gravel and sand extraction

phone: +49 281 / 204 – 230 | wasserbau@huelskens.de
www.huelskens-wasserbau.de | Sector: construction industry/waterways engineering

phone: +49 208 / 44 56 77 | handel@garantoel.de
www.garantoel.de | Sector: mineral oil

Kurt Birkhoff KG

phone: +49 281 / 814 – 21 | birkhoff-mehrhoog@t-online.de
www.egn-birkhoff.de | Sector: agricultural trade


HOMA Raiffeisen GmbH

phone: +49 281 / 475 745 00 | info@homa-raiffeisen.de
www.raiffeisen-hohe-mark.de | Sector: agricultural trade

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