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Plots in the Rhein-Lippe Port Wesel

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Plots in the Rhein-Lippe Port Wesel

The Rhein-Lippe Port in Wesel is an allround port for break bulk, heavy cargo, and for the distribution of your containerized goods. The quay facility with non-discriminatory access is the basis for the expansion of the available commercial and industrial areas for the settlement of logistics companies, as well as commercial and industrial layout with an affinity to the port.

This location has a terrain of 27 hectares (plot A, see map “Available Areas Rhein-Lippe Port”). The floodwater-free plot has immediate access to the water.

  • Plot of 27 hectares
  • Quay facility with non-discriminatory access
  • Direct access to the quay
  • Public Procurement via Erbbaurecht (flexible term duration)
  • Land-use plans are available
  • Rail access 2.5 km away
  • Can be reached by any Rhine barge
  • 24 hr. operation possible

Available Areas Rhine-Lippe-Port
Available Areas Rhine-Lippe-Port

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